Four exercises for the legs

For stiffness, heat, numbness and tingling in the feet 4 types of exercises

Exercise (1)

Put a towel on the floor and cut it with your toes. Cut off the towel with your toes. Repeat your toes 10 times. Which 10 times? Do this 10 times with both right legs. Pain in the toes. It relieves pain.

Exercise (2)

Sit in a chair and keep the tennis ball under your feet for about 2 minutes. 2 minutes with the left foot; Do it for 2 minutes with your right foot. Pain in the legs. It relieves nausea.

Exercise (3)

It is sold outside with large exercise straps as shown in the picture. Insert one foot into the ring, and step on the other leg. Then, as shown in the picture, pull up the leg with your hands on the ring. You have to put it back down. Left You have to complete the right turn 10 times. Leg pain is greatly relieved.

Exercise (4)

Whether you are working or not. Take off your shoes while sitting. This is especially true for people who wear closed-toe shoes. So always take it off. Then exercise. While sitting, touch your feet to the floor. Then glue the top. Put it back down and exercise.