Miss Grand Myanmar 2020 Miss Han Lay’s very difficult life story

Many fans are praising her for speaking out on the international stage on the international stage and asking for help. Therefore, I would like to tell you about Han Lay’s difficult journey. Her real name is Thaw Nanda Aung. In her fatherless life, she took refuge in her mother’s shadow and excelled in tenth grade. The girl, who wanted to influence people with her skills, went to the historic Rangoon University with a degree in psychology.

This girl does not want to be famous for her beauty. Someone who wants to be famous for their intelligence. She knows she can be famous for her pop artwork, but her belief is that a schoolgirl with no contact other than a mother who can help her become a role model for her daughter is struggling to make ends meet. She’s used to being criticized for not knowing what a model is like Miss. But he believed in his dream. He must be able to honor his country at some point.

2019 Myawaddy town. She has a cross between Moulmein and Myawaddy. Miss Universe Myawaddy became known as Miss Universe Myawaddy, one of the Miss City’s Q&A in Final Night. The forest woman. Yes. What should a schoolgirl from the countryside look like if she does not look like a forest?

But he tried while renting an apartment with his mother. There has been a tremendous improvement in his photoshoots, where he saves a lot of money. He is 100% confident in every question and answers interview. Agility is built on the qualities of a beautiful woman.

There are many people who are hoping for a winner. Competing with a strong belief every round, she gave one of the best solutions in the Myanmar beauty world in the Final Q&A. She won the 1st RU crown worth the effort and became Miss Grand Myanmar.

She will be representing the country at the Grand Slam. He has to do his best in over a month of preparation time, 26 days before leaving for Bangkok. On February 1, a disgusting coup took place. Having struggled with a two-hour flight for a regular one-hour flight, she never failed to resist the dictator.

She knew what beauty was all about. It was prepared during the protest. I take training. I have to take pictures. With less than ten escorts leaving the country, fans are cheering as much as they can. Voting is provided despite the internet connection.

Knowing this, he tried ten times harder. He heard the news of people dying in his homeland, and he was encouraged to compete. I was active in every activity. At night, I cried while talking to my Filipina roommate. I’m worried. Does the motto “Stop the War and Violence” live up to her?

She always spoke out against the evils of the military dictatorship throughout the match. She dares to support the people of Burma rather than support me. Asked if he was afraid of not being able to return to his homeland, he said he was afraid of not getting democracy. About a week before the final. Military dictators cut off mobile data I lost contact with the country. But let him bring some joy to the grieving people.

He tried at Prelim. Miss Grand Myanmar is one of the best performances in Myanmar. He did not fail to listen to the fans. March 27 More than 100 heroes killed in Myanmar There will be bloodshed. The Burmese girl is holding back tears from the sad news as the beauty pageants for the final Final Night are filled with smiles.

Top 20 of MGI’s beauty pageants Miss Grand Myanmar. He has erased six years of unplaced history. He worked hard despite the difficulties. Fans are not the happiest.

She was not in the top 10, but she tried. I have to compete with the sad face. Event plans are almost over. Surprise! Myanmar girl talks about violence in Burma The international community knows better. The little girl in the white dress boldly spoke about the country with tears in her eyes.

Voices and words from all over the world. She’s more than just a beauty pageant. She has spoken out on the international stage with her beliefs and the voices of the people. The return trip of the girl who has no money to spend is uncertain. But Han Lay never regretted it.

The struggling girl from the countryside had the courage to tell the world about politics. It has helped the country. Han Lay’s dreams have come true. Congratulations to Miss Grand Myanmar 2020 Han Lay.