Paing Tagon says he will try not to waste his life

Given the current situation in Burma since February 1, I think we all know that the people are doing their best and working peacefully.

The mass movement has been going on for about a month now, and the people are not giving up. Many artists are involved in the fast-moving mass movement, and one Paing Tagon is joining the movement every day.

Fans will see Paing Tagon working as hard as he can to protect the people from Frontline for the mass movement, and with his courageous participation. The mass movement is facing many obstacles and many people have lost their lives.

For those who lost their lives, Paing Tagon wrote on his Facebook page, “Every time I see a video of the parents of the bereaved sisters crying, I cry and I am trying for my life.” I also shared it for the fans.