How to communicate securely with each other on the Internet

During the Spring Revolution, to communicate securely with each other; Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. To do so, you must use mail applications that include end-to-end encryption technology. End-to-End Encryption is visible to both the sender and the receiver.

It is a system that can know. In addition to phone companies, telecom providers, app companies, Internet companies, and Internet providers are also inaccessible. As a result, the government and other intermediaries are no longer able to access information that the sender and receiver should know, and it is no longer easy to use force.

1. Never use Messenger

Because Facebook and Messenger are synonymous, Messenger will be included in your Facebook account are hacked. In Messenger, your voice, Typed letter Phone calls Things like conversations are stored by the Facebook company and used for advertising on Facebook.

If you talk to your friend about food, you’ve probably heard of restaurant ads on Facebook. So, if you really want to use Messenger, It is best not to talk about it except to ask how she is doing.


2. Do not use Viber either

The other most used Viber in the country includes End to End Encryption technology. But on Viber, you can send a text message just because someone else knows your phone number. Call Weaknesses such as being able to add to unknown groups. You can monitor Viber with apps like Fonemonitor, and see who you are talking to on Viber. You can use another app to see who you are talking to. So do not use Viber either.

3. So which apps should I use?

There are popular end-to-end encryption applications such as Wire, Wickr, Telegram, and Signal. Telegram, which is now being used locally, is much more secure than Messenger and Viber. Public Channels It can be used with public groups and for good security.

Telegram stickers are even more beautiful than Messenger. So Telegram is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. You can easily find and download Telegram on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. Signal is one of the most popular apps for simplicity and security than Telegram. People are starting to use it more and more domestically.

The signal is security-intensive, so it is built to be as simple as Messenger or Telegram. Signal and Telegram include secret chats. Signal also has a function called Disappearing Messages, which automatically disappears conversations. In short, you should only use Messenger and Viber to say goodbye, and we recommend that you use only one telegram or signal for all important communications.