How to easily use your phone when internet connection is blocked

If your internet connection is down, you can use your phone to connect to each other or through a network of networks.Here are some available mesh network apps:

“FireChat” for Android & Apple iOS

“The Serval Mesh” for Android

“Signal Offline Messenger” for Android

“Vojer” for Apple iOS

“Bridgefy” for Android & Apple iOS

“Briar” for Android

Here is an example of one of these apps:

“Use the” Bridgefy “app in case the Internet suddenly shuts down.This apk was used by pro-revolutionaries during the Hong Kong protests.Its advantage is that you can send text messages via Bluetooth without internet.

It is very useful because it can communicate.Even during the civil war in Hong Kong, even the Chinese government’s advanced technology could not prevent the use of this apk.

Using this apk, you can connect up to 100 meters (about 330 feet) between phones.
There is a telephone within 100 meters of each other Like a network to distant places. You can connect to each other.

You can use this apk to send individual messages. You can also use the Broadcast function to capture and share your message with everyone around you. Can be used on both iPhone and Android.

You will need an internet connection once to sign up, so we encourage you to download and try it out. Both in Play Store You can easily download it by typing “Bridgefy” in the App Store.