Who invented and used Screw

Worcester is believed to have been invented by the Greek mathematician Archytas around 4,000 BC. The Greeks used worms in many places. Archimedes (28-2212 BC) invented a water pump using a worm. This machine is called the Archimedean Screw.

The machine inserts a screwdriver into a hole in the pipe. The hose is immersed in a tank, and when the screw is turned from above, the water slowly rises up the hose and flows into the field through a connecting waterway.

Thanks to the use of worm gear, you can no longer drive like water. Just turn the worm from the top. The Greeks also invented screw presses. It’s like extracting wine from a grape. Olive oil was extracted from olives.

In the early days, worms were made by hand. Since the 1500s, engineers have been making worms, Thanks to the invention of the worm brewing equipment, we were able to make better and more useful worms. In the 1800s, the worm was produced in the form of installments. These screws have sharp edges and sharp edges that allow them to be fastened and tightened without the need for holes.