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Vinegar can protect rice husks.In hot weather, add a drop of vinegar and cook. Not only does it highlight the aroma and taste of the rice, it also protects the rice from spoiling.

Peanut oil

If you do not want to eat a lot of rice, you can add a little salt and a little oil at the time of cooking and cook it.


When reheating the leftover rice. Add a pinch of salt and warm. In addition to curing odors, raw rice is a little softer
It is good to eat again.


If you dig in the rice while you are cooking, put an onion in the middle of the rice. Add and cover for a while. It soothes and heals.


In the place of cooking hot water. Add and cook as usual
Not only does it complement the aroma and taste of the rice, it is also nutritious. Dry tea has been picked up. Use only warm water.

Olive oil

When cooking, add a little olive oil to the sugar in the rice
It can control the growth and does not cause constipation.
It is also suitable for diabetics.