Causal fire and its consequences

In English, it is called Landfill fire. Trash There are two types of landfill fires. Burning on the surface and burning inside. Fires on the surface of landfills are a common problem in developing countries. The rubbish is not properly covered, and the families of casual workers who depend on it for rubbish are less intelligent. The author himself said that these places are inhabited by children, I have educated families about health.

Air (oxygen) enters the uncovered litter, allowing more biodegradable waste to decompose, producing more heat and fuel for combustion. If the surface fire is not properly extinguished, it will gradually penetrate and cause internal burns.

Landfill fires are extremely dangerous to the environment. Waste; It contains a lot of toxic gases from burning garbage. Carbon monoxide (CO), which causes odors; In addition to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), it also contains toxins such as dioxin and furans.

You can not put out the fire just by spraying water on the inside of the pile. The method of blocking the airways should be used to cover the fire. Because firefighters are also human, they should be equipped with equipment to protect against toxic gases.

In the 21st century, everyone needs to know how to dispose of garbage properly and how to dispose of it properly. We respectfully recommend that you use the disposal techniques shown below if the fire pit is to be properly maintained without rebuilding a condominium or factory.