The first robot invented in Myanmar

I was in 8th grade in 1966. When the entrance exam is approaching. In February Kyaikkasan Stadium in Yangon, I learned that Union Day will be celebrated with galleries. I had to swallow my curiosity.

In those galleries, I heard that Insein GTI, which I will be attending next, showed a walking robot. I did not know who did it. In 1969, when I came to Insein GTI as a student to teach Industrial Power. The second robot is being shown at the Union Day Gallery.

The leader is U Hla Than Win, Head of the Telecommunications Department. Implemented by second-and third-year students in the field of telecommunications. This time, the robot can not only walk but also talk. Suppose a robot’s name is a man on the moon.

I went to see for myself. Dr. Nyi Nyi, the then Minister of Education, personally attended the exhibition. Sample questions are posted so that visitors can ask questions. For example, what color shirt am I wearing?

It has been more than 40 days since the teacher’s death in the United States. However, even the students who participated at that time were over 70 years old. Most of the rest are in Burma, but some will be abroad, such as the United States.

I am writing this post because I read a page article three or four days ago. They wrote that in 1986 Insein G.T.I. According to the Civil Department, U Kyi invented the first boat-spraying robot in Burma, which was invented seven years before Japan.

In fact, the author does not seem to know that the robot was invented in Burma 27 years before Japan. I am writing this letter just so that future generation will not be mistaken. In fact, since I was a Mechanical Engineering student, the two teachers were not obviously close.