The strangest and most interesting thing in space or the black hole

A black hole is one of the strangest and most interesting things in space. They are very dense things. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the higher the density, the greater the gravitational pull.

Gravity is so large that even the fastest light in the universe cannot return. Because there is no light coming out of the black hole, the black hole will never be seen. However, nearby stars, The existence of a black hole can be traced back to the characteristics of meteorites.

The existence of black holes has been predicted by Albert Einstein since 1916 in his classic general theory of relativity. The term “black hole” was coined in 1967 by American astronomer John Wheeler, and the first black hole was discovered in 1971.

If we are talking about black holes, we need to know about the stars first. If the stars die, there are three other possibilities. The first is the White Dwarf, which occurs when stars less than 1.2 times the mass of the Sun die.

These are stars that are protected by quantum forces that do not degrade atoms and that prevent them from collapsing by gravity. This 1.2x limit is called the Chandrasekhar Limit.

The second is the neutron star. It occurs when stars between 1.2 and 3 times the mass of the Sun die. Although it is caused by the force that keeps the nucleus of the atom from collapsing, it is not certain. This is because the exact amount of nuclear energy at a time of high density is still unknown.

Stars that are three times the mass of the Sun and die become black holes. Because these stars are so abundant in the universe, black holes already exist.